About Sara Pereira

Sara Pereira has been providing placenta preparation and encapsulation for families in Southern California since 2008.  She first learned about the ancient tradition while studying Traditional Chinese Medicine at Emperor’s College.  While learning about this “herb” in her herbal formula classes she merely thought that it makes perfect sense and that she would do it one day when she has a baby.  Life had other plans and organically took her down the path to offer this invaluable service to her community here in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

She has since worked with thousands of clients and has a fully dedicated lab space.  Sara has her Bloodborne Pathogens Prevention Course of Completion Certificate and sits on the advisory board of APPA, a certifying body that is setting the highest standards of training in the growing industry.

Sara is most Highly Recommended  among Pregnant Women across the U.S.

She has worked with thousands of mothers! She is efficient, professional, compassionate & supportive!

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Sara creates a unique and trusting experience

She is courteous, friendly and the quality of her work is impeccable.
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“Sara Pereira is the only person I recommend for placenta preparation. We went to Chinese Medical school together, and I can’t rave about her work enough! She is certified in placenta encapsulation, she follows the letter of the law in terms of safety and OSHA compliance, and she brings a generous and loving spirit to each preparation. Sara is always eager to take on more placenta clients, and is very diligent about follow-up. I always know, when I refer patients to her, that their placenta capsules will be the core of the post-partum herbal regimen that I prescribe.”
Abigail Morgan, L.Ac.
“I simply cannot say enough wonderful things about Sara. She has done prenatal massage for me during my pregnancies for the last 2.5 years and she prepared my placenta from my last birth and will be doing it again for this birth. She is kind, caring, loving and has a big, big heart. And it most definitely shows in her hands on work. My son (my last birth) broke his collar bone on the way out and the pediatricians couldn’t believe how quickly it healed. I personally believe that it mostly due to ingesting my placenta and the healing properties it provides. I also didn’t have a bit of the baby blues this last time around. I recommend Sara hands down when it comes to massage and placenta encapsulation.”
“Sara Pereira was my Certified Encapsulation Specialist in April 2009 and she was very kind, knowledgeable, professional, and non-intrusive while she was in our home. I took the placenta pills as she directed and did not experience the baby blues. I would highly recommend Sara.”
“Sara, thank you so much for preparing my placenta. I had never even heard of this process before I visited your site and I am fascinated by the procedure and the benefits. Thanks for making it so easy and working with my girlfriend for delivery and coming to my house to do the prep. My recovery has been great. No depression and my skin has looked great. I’m 4 1/2 months out and am thinking about taking the rest of my pills now as I am definitely sleep deprived and my guess is these will help me get through the rough nights. I will spread the word to my soon to be mommy friends. THANKS AGAIN!”

Sara beautifully prepares the umbilical cord. Parents can keep it forever once the process is complete.

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