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As a new mom I was only sure about a handful of things in regards to my birth plan. However, like many birthing experiences none of it went the way I had hoped from an emergency C-section to lack of milk due to a breast reduction 9 years prior. The only thing that went absolutely flawless was working with Sara. With no questions asked I sent her a text when I went into labor and once the placenta was packaged and within 24 hours it was delivered back at the hospital where I was for 4 days. She is an absolute joy, efficient and caring when it comes to her practice. If there is a baby #2 I will be calling her again. Highly recommended!

T. Campbell

Sara is absolutely THE BEST at what she does. If I could give her 10 stars I would!!

First of all, sanitation and cleanliness were of outmost importance to me when choosing a provider for this service. Sara is the ONLY person I could find in the area that has a dedicated workshop that is held to the highest standards of sanitation. While working in my kitchen was an option, I chose to have Sara prepare the capsules in her workshop.

After using my capsules for several months, I can honestly say I am incredibly disappointed that I did not do placenta encapsulation with my first 3 children. After hearing about Sara and the amazing results of her work by several mommy friends, I decided to give it a try after my 4th pregnancy. The results were nothing short of magical and I honestly wish I had an endless supply of capsules!! (On that note, Sara does supply you with a tincture as part of her services that actually can be used for years postpartum if cared for properly.) The capsules gave me tons of energy and made me feel hormonally balanced during those first few months postpartum. If you’re on the fence about encapsulation, or unsure about who to use, call Sara she’ll talk you through it. I’m SO glad I did!!!

Hillary H.
I took my son for the first time today and had a great experience . My girlfriend came to meet us with her child and we both agreed that this spot was just what we needed! The staff is nice, it’s clean, and it’s very spacious. Once you pay you can leave, have lunch and come back, or bring it in with you and sit at the many picnic benches they have and take a little break. It wasn’t too crowded and our sons had such fun!
Paloma F.
Sara was very helpful and professional. I was going to have her do my placenta encapsulation (after much researching for the right person), but then sadly my placenta became infected at the hospital so it couldn’t be done. Sara was very understanding and helpful throughout! Thanks!
Sara came recommended by a friend who used her services with great results. I wanted to try the placenta capsules after reading how beneficial they are for the recovery process and also because my 2nd pregnancy triggered depression early on for me. I weaned myself off the prescribed anti depressant before my delivery and didn’t want to have to take it again in case I had the baby blues which my OB said would most likely happen. I definitely felt a difference when I stopped taking the anti depressant but I can honestly say I feel totally fine post partum after taking the capsules for 2 weeks! Sara was very professional and courteous and I will highly recommend her to all my pregger friends.
Angie C.
I took my son for the first time today and had a great experience . My girlfriend came to meet us with her child and we both agreed that this spot was just what we needed! The staff is niceI had done encapsulation in a different state for my first born and had such positive results I was adamant about doing it again after my second delivery. I was nervous I wouldn’t find a good specialist that was not only personable but knew how to properly treat and prepare the placenta. I stumbled upon Sara a bit randomly but from the beginning she was courteous and friendly. I spoke with her ahead of time about my prior experience and immediately felt she was my gal. She prepared my capsules almost immediately after delivery and brought them to me in the hospital the day after 🙂 I have had exceptional energy and milk supply since taking them. I was released from the hospital with above average swelling but within a day it was gone…thank you capsules. I’ve thinned down considerably (it’s been two weeks) because I’ve stopped bleeding and my organs are moving back into their proper placement! Encapsulation has such a positive effect on the body post partum and Sara was a joy and ease to work with to make that happen., it’s clean, and it’s very spacious. Once you pay you can leave, have lunch and come back, or bring it in with you and sit at the many picnic benches they have and take a little break. It wasn’t too crowded and our sons had such fun!
Claire C
Sara is amazing and so are her services! I read a lot about placenta encapsulation as a method of alleviating postpartum depression, to which I am predisposed. When I got pregnant I researched a local preparer and Sara’s resume was so impressive that I contacted her. She stayed in touch with me during my pregnancy and as my due date neared, Sara was quick to responds to my emails and my husband’s texts before and after delivery. Once our beautiful baby girl was born, Sara picked up the placenta at the hospital and prepared it at her home. (We were given the option for her to come to our home or for her to complete the service at her home.) Two days later, Sara drove back to the hospital to bring me the completed product of pills and tincture. I took two pills twice a day for the first two weeks since hormones are typically the lowest during this period. Even recovering from a c-section, I had energy and didn’t experience terrible lows. It is now five weeks later and I am taking two pills once a day. After 6 weeks, I plan to save the rest of the pills for 3 months and 6 months. There are plenty! I am feeling great and am so thankful for Sara and her services! I will absolutely call on her again with my next baby:)
Katie J.
“I felt terrific physically and emotionally from taking the placenta pills right after my baby was born. I had heard of this before, it made sense but seemed too out there for me. I didn’t want to eat my placenta in a sandwich on a plate. When I met Sara – who for someone who is doing something far outside the mainstream, she was surprisingly “normal” and I could relate to her. I learned she put the placenta in pill form. That I could do. With my first child I didn’t ingest my placenta. I was more weak and fragile physically and emotionally. When I took the placenta pills after my second birth I felt a big difference. Of course I had a natural elation and deflation for a few days but I felt like a superwoman. It was an easy process, the hospital, Cedars Sinai had heard of this and were helpful. I wish I had more!”
Ione Skye, actress
“I became very interested in placenta encapsulation when I heard of all the benefits it could have. My sister had milk supply issues and my best friend had horrible postpartum, so I thought I would be pro-active and give it a try. I met Sara at a parenting class and what I was most impressed was how “normal” she was. Then I was recommended to her by my acupuncturist and I was sold. The whole process was simple as I didn’t even know it happened. I took the recommended dosage and I don’t know if I am really a lucky person or it was the placenta but I have had plenty of milk supply, and zero depression. I definitely recommend encapsulating your placenta to all pregnant women and Sara is the woman to do it. And to top it all off, she gives the best massage ever!”
“Sara, thank you so much for preparing my placenta. I had never even heard of this process before I visited your site and I am fascinated by the procedure and the benefits. Thanks for making it so easy and working with my girlfriend for delivery and coming to my house to do the prep. My recovery has been great. No depression and my skin has looked great. I’m 4 1/2 months out and am thinking about taking the rest of my pills now as I am definitely sleep deprived and my guess is these will help me get through the rough nights. I will spread the word to my soon to be mommy friends. THANKS AGAIN!”
“I had the opportunity to work with Sara during my pregnancy, it was both healing and nurturing to me and my body, she was sensitive to my needs and is truly a healer.”
Renee Stahl
“I met Sara when I was going through a very painful time in my life. As I began to work with her on a regular basis, I had a new respect for the mind, body connection. Her work is intensely focused and completely connected. Sara has a very special, peaceful, passionate touch that helps the body shift its energy into a total positive balance. I have noticed positive changes in my life since doing bodywork with her. I encourage others to experience her wonderful touch.”
Wendy M. Schwartz, LMFT
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